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New York, NY,

Francis Ford Coppola On the Making of “The Godfather Notebook”

“This document was kind of a multi-layered roadmap for me to direct the film.” –Francis Ford Coppola

“When I realized I was actually going to make a movie out of the novel The Godfather,” says Francis Ford Coppola in the trailer for his new book, The Godfather Notebook. “I took the book and I actually wrote my comments right on the book itself.”

“I then made a prompt book out of it, sort of an old tradition from theater," he explains. “And I called it The Godfather Notebook.”

His completely notebook is now going to be published for the first time ever, letting moviegoers see exactly how this iconic film was made.

One of the most intriguing parts? As Coppola details his notes on the shooting of Sollozo and McCluskey, he reveals how the making of that scene solidified cinematic history.

“It was in that scene that the executives at Paramount Pictures first caught a glimmer that I had not been crazy in wanting to cast [Al Pacino].”

Scroll down to see the complete trailer. Then preorder your Classic Edition here or your Signed Limited Edition here.

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