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    While creating small‑batch hot sauces for her company, Marshall’s Haute Sauce, Sarah Marshall felt uneasy with all the food she wasted in the canning process. So she began experimenting in her kitchen: After hours of spatter-stained trial and error with apple cores, onion skins, and pepper tops, she learned how to use roots, tops, stems, and cores in uniquely delicious ways. What you now hold in your hands is the best of the best from Marshall’s experimentation: Preservation Pantry offers up more than 100 delicious recipes you can create in your own home that make the most out every bit of your produce. In no time, you will go from learning the basics of canning to whipping up a Whiskey Apple Core Caramel or Carrot Top Hazelnut Pesto or Pear Galette with Goat Cheese.

    With recipes that have a fresh, modern take on an old‑world tradition, step‑by‑step instructions on how to can seasonal fruits and vegetables, and a detailed section on equipment, the book’s unique, whole‑produce approach will appeal to canners of all levels. Charming watercolor illustrations and stunning full‑color photographs will inspire you to can and cook with ease!

    Sarah Marshall is the creator of Marshall’s Haute Sauce. Her sustainable, farm-to-table approach has led her to develop recipes for The Walrus and The Carpenter, Jacobsen Salt Co., Bee Local Honey, Portland Creamery, and Union Wine Company. She teaches cooking and canning classes and is a member of the Portland Preservation Society and Le’ Dames PDX. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

    Book Praise

    Sarah has a feeling for flavor that very few people have—it’s really a sixth sense.

    John Becker and Megan Scott, The Joy Kitchen

    Sarah’s style is approachable in an ‘anyone can do it’ kind of way, building confidence that is so charmingly all-inclusive . . . the way she works with produce is anything but ordinary.

    Jami Curl, owner of Quin Candy and author of Candy is Magic

    "Waste not, want not. When it concerns fresh fruits and vegetables, Oregonian Marshall has the right idea: use every part of the ingredient possible to enhance and expand flavors exponentially. Peach stones appear in the eponymous peach-stone tonic. Pear peels and cores in lavender pear-peel pectin. And kumquat peels are also deposited in her liquid-gold vegetable stock. That’s one of the differentiating features of this canning and preserving collection. Her initial water-bath canning lesson is explained in simple steps, accompanied by charming color-washed illustrations. The chopping chart and elevation chart get similar treatment. The 100-plus recipes truly bespeak the Northwest: carrot cumin slaw, haluski with blackened brussels sprouts, radicchio and arugula salad with strawberries, and drunken apple crumble. The final bonus: an end chapter on starting your own canning club, with some clever tips to keep it sustainable. This book makes it easy to take advantage of the seasons.

    Booklist Starred Review​


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