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    Age is just a number...

    Age is just a number...

    Third Place: Quality Paperback Fiction (30th Annual New York Book Show)

    “Yellow topstain!!! A restrained package with quiet surprises: a full-bleed opening page and full-bleed closing author photo.” –New York Book Show judges

    Lolito is an unconventional love story about a fifteen-year-old boy who finds solace in the arms of a middle-aged woman on the Internet.

    Fifteen-year-old Etgar Allison is spending spring break alone in an empty house, when he inadvertently learns that his girlfriend has cheated on him with another boy. Heartbroken and lonely, without parental supervision, he turns to alcohol. Unable to cope with his grief, he looks to the Internet for comfort and lands in an adult chatroom. There he meets Macy, a bored but attractive housewife; flirtatious IMs escalate into cybersex chats and soon Etgar is raiding his savings account for a romantic rendezvous in London...What could possibly go wrong?

    Book Praise

    Lolito is the funniest, most horrible book I’ve read in years. I was blown away.

    Nick Cave

    Brooks is a master of this art.

    The Times (London)

    Lolito is a fine example of how to write a transgressive novel that is about more than simply cataloguing the bad behavior of wasted youth.


    Both warm and uncompromising, Lolito will be as entertaining for young adults as it is educational for older readers. And if some aspects of the world Brooks inhabits seem alarming, I can’t think of a writer I would rather have as my guide

    The Guardian

    Funny, witty, and addictive, Lolito is a quirky disturbing ball of energy that will consume readers until they have turned the last page. Brooks has created the most authentic teenage voice of the twenty-first century.

    The List

    In Etgar Allison, Brooks has reified the arbitrary zone where people are judged to cross over and become ‘responsible’ people, and puts inside his ultramodern teenage protagonist a host of conflicted ideas on innocence, loneliness, and human desperation—all with comic, stylistic aplomb.

    The Huffington Post

    Laugh-out-loud funny, odd, and strangely sincere, Brooks challenges our perception of age-gap relationships via Etgar’s often bizarre narrative. Lolito is a novel unlike anything I’ve read before: compelling, funny, and a true tale for our time.

    Literature Works

    Lolito manages to be hilarious, thought-provoking, disturbing, and ridiculous all at once and again proves that young Brooks is one of the UK’s most promising young writers right now—a possible Irvine Welsh of his generation.

    Worcester News